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(Marco from Milan, Italy, next to Monza circuit :)
In Italian we say: "donne e motori, gioie e dolori", "women and engines, joys and pains" :)

One lap in Monza circuit on board with Michael Schumacher (Ferrari), at his last Italian GP (won by him, of course). (September 2006): 1.Schumi (the past), 2.Raikkonen (the future), 3.Kubica (new Polish driver). It's one of the circuits where I drove sometimes (with normal cars, for example a Puma, its speed was max 210 km/h).
click play for "Cosmic girl" video (by Jamiroquai) with super cars. This is a very high quality graphics video, so you should click play and go to see something else while the whole video is loading.
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My father Tiziano painted this picture in 1972 when he was a boy. It well represents this site: an engine, with women-butterflies under it, and a black oil-iron sea...

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Suede songs often speak about girls and cars: in this one, "Positivity", he says: "and the cars crash for you..." As it sometimes happens, when a cute girl is walking on the street, cars risk to crash :).